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Our Quality Assured Service Program provides the most effective control of insect, rodent and bird pests in a safe, effective and economical manner by using an integrated system of inspection and monitoring trapping and the implementation of proper control techniques (IPM). Your pest control program will be designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, and all third party audits such as American Institute of Baking, Silliker, and American Sanitation Institute. 

Rodent Control- Effective rodent control is vital in maintaining sanitation of the facility and protecting the integrity of the product. Rodents will be controlled by thorough inspections for droppings, damage, burrows, and points of entry. Proper trapping and baiting techniques and the elimination of harborage in and around your facility all help contribute to a successful rodent control program.

Crawling Insect Control- Crawling insects will be controlled by thorough inspections, traps, and targeted insecticide applications as deemed necessary. Preventive measures on the exterior of the building with liquid insecticides and baits are often used to create a barrier against seasonal invading pests, and limit the use of pesticides inside to an as needed basis, reducing exposure to employees and visitors.

Flying Insect Control- A custom program will be developed which may include lighted insect traps and exterior applications, including surface applications and baiting.

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Grain and feed handling facilities, confinement operations, dairies, feed mills, and ethanol plants; no matter what your needs, Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. can help. We offer the following services: rodent control, bird control, seasonal fly control programs, and more. 

A single rat may consume up to twenty three pounds of food/feed per year and a single mouse over two pounds per year and damage or contaminate much more. The damage caused by uncontrolled rodents can quickly run into the thousands of dollars including the damage to your facility, risk of fire and disease causing pathogens.

Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. offers a rodent control program that aggressively attacks and eradicates rodent populations quickly and permanently. Our technicians are trained to understand the biology and behavior of rodent pests to help ensure the highest level of control in your facility.

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More and more of your customers are demanding well documented programs that provide pest free storage for their products. Our warehousing program can provide you with an economical plan that will meet the demands of the industry's highest standards and give you peace of mind knowing that your warehouse is safe and secure from all pests.

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