Welcoming guests into your place of business is what you’re all about. Keeping unwelcome guests out of your business is what we’re all about. At Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. we understand that the food and lodging industry has different pest control challenges from other businesses and we have taken the time to address the pest control problems specific to the food and lodging industry, including programs that address issues such as bed bugs, rodents, roaches, ants and fly control. 

Bars, restaurants, hotels and motels all have challenges specific to their facility. With a simple call your establishment can be inspected and a detailed pest control plan that addresses your needs can be presented to you free of charge and at no further obligation.  

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Eliminating pests in health care facilities requires a proactive approach. Utilization of our IPM tools helps create an atmosphere where insect and rodent tolerance is zero. 

Crawling insects- targeted and precise applications ensure a safe environment. Thorough inspections inside, and perimeter treatments outside, are part of the overall pest control program. 

Rodent control is vital in maintaining a sterile environment. Rodents are controlled by thorough inspections for droppings, damage and other signs of their activity. Proper trapping and baiting techniques and the elimination of harborage help eradicate existing rodent populations.

Interior- multiple catch rodent traps along with single use glue traps may be used in order to control and prevent rodent infestations. The service of our experienced personnel ensures proper trap placement, reduces infestations quickly, and maintains long term control.

Exterior- the perimeter of the building is inspected for rodent burrows, damage, harborage and points of entry. Tamper resistant bait stations may also be used to aid in rodent control.  

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Pest problems in your office can negatively impact your customer’s perception of your business. A mouse or colony of ants in an office setting can create quite a stir and result in many hours of lost work time. Our Office Watch Program eliminates these unwanted incidents with a proactive approach that starts on the exterior of your building. This program will also help maintain a professional, clean exterior as well as protecting the interior and reduce cleaning costs associated with pest infestations. 

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