The public’s increasing concerns regarding health risks involving chemicals (including pesticides) mandates that we seek the use of alternative pest control methods. Is IPM effective? A well designed IPM program that is properly implemented can produce longer lasting and sometimes permanent results with less exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

What is IPM?  IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that relies on four basic practices.

1. Thorough inspection of the facility: Implementation of a multifaceted monitoring program including rodent traps, glue traps, insect light traps, pheromone traps, recognizing key sites i.e. garbage area, kitchen, laundry, boiler room, loading docks and understanding the biology and behavior of the targeted pest(s).

2. Establishing objectives and action levels: Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. will help set thresholds that will determine if action should be taken in order to reduce or eliminate the targeted pest. For example: Finding some pavement ants crawling along a hall baseboard may not warrant a course of action, where seeing a single mouse in a food storage area, because it can pose a significant health threat, would require immediate action.

3. Implementing control techniques: If the activity level of a pest exceeds the established threshold, a control technique will be put into action. Criteria for selecting a control technique are:

A.  Poses no health risk to humans 
B.  Safest for the environment and non target animals
C.  Offers longest lasting control
D.  Most effective for the target site 


Environmental control: Eliminating food and water, harborage and modifying humidity, light, and temperature.

Physical control: Trapping and exclusion

Biological control: Using a pest's natural enemies including beneficial insects, vertebrates or bacteria to help control the target pest.

Chemical control: Used if other measures are deemed ineffective. Low odor, low toxicity pesticides would be applied using the minimum amount necessary with techniques that will maximize its effectiveness on target pests and minimize human and non-target species exposure.

4. Evaluation: Any successful IPM program must be continually monitored and updated accordingly; Identifying key problem areas, monitoring techniques, effectiveness of control measures taken and their impact on target pest populations and the safety of all employees and visitors. The success of our program requires the support and cooperation of all involved including Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. personnel and employees. Together we can keep your business a safe, healthy place to work. Call today for a no cost/no obligation quote (877) 837-6464.