You just got home from the supermarket. You begin unpacking your groceries. As you open the pantry door, you notice a tiny pest. It notices you, too, and runs quickly out of sight.

Before one little pest turns into twenty, hire Godfather’s Exterminating, Inc. to reduce and remove these little critters from your home. We offer thorough, effective rodent control to homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and industrial businesses in and around Rochester, MN. Our wide variety of extermination services includes modern and permanent integrated pest management techniques.

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All of our exterminations start with an inspection. Our technicians identify infestation sites, and they set traps in and around those sites. We form and execute a removal plan according to the severity of your property’s infestation. Lastly, we monitor the population of the critters to make sure it doesn’t return after removal.

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Since 1989, Godfather’s Exterminating, Inc. has been providing efficient, economical exterminating services to the region. We bring our pest control to residential, commercial, agri-business, and industrial properties.