3 Ways to Make Spiders Leave Your Lake House

Minnesota is home to several types of spiders that bite and/or are known to be venomous. However, most of the spiders you find at your lake house are non-venomous species looking for a place to hunt, nest, or hang out. Here are three ways to make them go away.

1. Clean Carefully Before & After Lake Season

Spiders enter your space because your space provides something they need. Generally, the something they need is a reliable food source. When you see spiders building webs on your porch and hiding under your cabinets, you don't necessarily see the food source that made the spider choose your porch or your cabinet for a dinner.

The spider on the porch captures moths and mosquitoes. The spider under the cabinet is after cockroaches, flies, and other household pests. Get rid of the food sources and the spiders won't come to dinner at your place.

Before officially opening your lake house for the season, perform a thorough cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming of your property. Eliminate piles of clutter where spiders and their prey hide. Remove items from shelves and clean all the nooks and crannies.

Other places to clear of bugs and debris include:

  • Inside drawers

  • Inside cabinets

  • Under beds, chairs, and sofas

  • Under all tables

  • Under carpets

  • Inside closets and closet floors

Look for wet spots where leaks or moisture issues attract insect pests. The insects set up colonies around moist areas of your home, and the growing populations of bugs attract more spiders to the area.

Clean the lake house well all summer, and avoid leaving rotting fruit or other fly attractants around your lake house. Dump all standing water routinely to cut down on mosquito numbers. Clean and inspect your lake house well before closing it for the season to be sure there are no insect attractants like trash or open food left around.

2. Eliminate Entry Points Around the Lake House

Spiders, like all pests, exploit your lack of maintenance. When gaps form between windows and walls over the winter, spiders slip into the gaps to follow the food. Be vigilant about sealing and caulking all entry points around the lake house this spring and summer.

Check the crawlspace or basement for cracks in the foundation walls. Close up any holes you find in sub-flooring through which spiders can enter your lake house interior. Remove vegetation next to the lake house that hides spiders and their prey and offers easier access to open windows or the roof.

Repair holes and ripped spots in all screens. Routinely inspect screens on porches, doors, and windows throughout the summer to reduce the chances of pest and spider access through tears or holes in screens.

Some spiders hitch rides to the lake house. If you're bringing stored items like games and sporting goods to the lake for the summer, clear out the boxes and check them for spiders. Check each and every box for spiders and other pests before you load items from your garage or storage unit into the lake vehicle.

3. Hire Experts for Professional Spider Control

Enlist the services of pest control professionals to eradicate spiders from your lake house. Schedule a full inspection and treatment of your lake house as early as you can open the structure in late spring. When you act early, you get a handle on spider populations before they become nuisances.

Your pest control company has access to a variety of tools to control and repel spiders from your lake house throughout the summer. Using integrated pest management (IPM), the professional pest control company keeps your lake house free of creepy crawlies so you can enjoy all of the summer fun with fewer worries.

Schedule your lake house spider and pest inspection in Grand Rapids, Hastings, Rochester, and adjoining areas of Minnesota by contacting Godfather's Exterminating, Inc.

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