No More Mr. 'Mice' Guy: Tips for Preventing 5 Types of Rodents

While fall is the prime season for an infestation, it pays to be vigilant and watchful for rodents year-round. Rodents are the largest group of mammals currently, noted for their gnawing and chewing. Rodents are also common household pests that, in many situations, are difficult to get rid of.

You can prevent these five types of rodents from running your household with the following tips.


The real problem with mice is how quickly they can take over and infest the home. Early detection is key in preventing a one-time sighting from becoming a full-blown infestation, which is hazardous for anyone living there. Some things to look out for include:

  • mouse droppings

  • grease or stains along the floor and baseboards

  • sounds and scuffling at night

  • chewed, gnawed, or shredded clothing, linens, trash, paper, insulation, or wires

Mice carry diseases and their waste which can cause respiratory illness. A mouse infestation and the incredible stress of the situation can also take a toll on mental health and well-being. Call a professional and get rid of mice for good.


Rats and mice are not the same thing, though the signs and sightings are similar. Rats are bigger and often-more aggressive than mice; their droppings are much larger, and you may hear noises during the day, in addition to nighttime sounds, when rats are living in the walls and crawlspaces. Rats pose a significant health risk; call a professional exterminator ASAP.


Squirrels are likely to seek refuge during cold weather or mating-season in your attic, crawlspace, or walls to construct nests for their whole family. These rodents wreak havoc wherever they choose to settle, damaging roofing, flooring, and your home's integrity. Signs of squirrels are similar to mice and rodents, with gnawing and droppings, except that they thrash around and will usually make their presence heard at all hours of the day or night.


If you leave out food or have pet-dishes laid out, you could be inviting porcupines; these rodents are not aggressive, but their sharp quills make them difficult to trap when they have made themselves comfortable inside your home. Typically, they are just looking for food and salted bait used in a catch-and-release trap may help. If they have not made their way inside and if you don't have an outdoor pet, leave them be- removing food and anything edible from the home can deter them, but it makes the most sense to call in a professional.


Are rabbits members of the rodent family? Rabbits are different from rodents in various ways, including that they are herbivores. Cute as they can be, undomesticated rabbits can cause damage to yard and garden, then reproduce at a rapid pace. Prevent problematic rabbits with fencing, outside lights, rabbit repellents, and dogs or cats; also get rid any debris outside that could be attractive to rabbits.

Though they may seem harmless, be careful trapping rabbits due to the diseases that wild rabbits carry. Call an exterminator instead to prevent health risks and to curb the chance for the pests to reproduce and multiply. In fact, when dealing with rodents of all kinds, ensure that the issue is resolved by hiring a professional to get rid of pests before they breed and become a bigger problem.

Do you have a rodent problem? Don't delay action and face the possibility of a full-blown infestation; call the professionals at Godfather's Exterminating Inc. for fast service and removal of your particular pests, so that you can sleep better tonight. Whether you are dealing with passive porcupines or spazzy squirrels, a professional exterminator is the route to take for fast, effective resolution to your rodent problem.

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